Cover Songs

I know it may seem strange, but at this particular point in time I don’t have any cover songs to post. Well, that is, none except for Christmas songs!  This has been one of those crazy years where I just had very little time to spend in the studio. I joined a band and had to learn 4 hours’ worth of new music, and between live shows and other responsibilities…yeah.  So, without further ado, here are a few Christmas songs I’ve recorded.  Check back soon, as I am currently working on new material!

As you listen, you’ll probably recognize that the style is inspired by Trans-Siberian Orchestra, whose Christmas music I love!  Recorded in 2017

This is my favorite Nat King Cole song, and one of my Christmas favorites for a long, long time. Recorded in 2016

Lighthearted and fun, this was just an enjoyable little project back in 2016.

Recorded in 2013, this one is modeled after Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s, “Sarajevo: Christmas Eve” (Carol of the Bells).