Original Songs

Hey, Mike here. Thanks for listening!  I have recently chosen to take a new approach to release my music.  I am releasing one single at a time and will later compile the singles into albums.  Dusk to Dawn is my latest release.  It carries an upbeat and cheerful feel, with warmth and optimism. It’s more of a pop-style song with a piano lead over a mix of jazz guitar tones alongside classic rock style twin guitars.  (buy it here)

Out Of Darkness

“Out of Darkness” is about faith, hope, and discovery. It was written and recorded while working through depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, and overwhelming family crisis. Each song on the album details a part of the journey. I had no intention of recording an album when I began. The music was simply an outlet for me during a difficult time. When I felt hopeless, the music comforted me and brought me pleasure when very little else did. I hope you enjoy it.

(Read more about the story behind the album.)  (buy it here)

This project aims to strike a tone of healing in the midst of hopelessness. And I was telling such a personal story through these songs, I felt I needed to do every part of this project myself. I wrote the songs and performed and recorded them fresh, beginning as soon as they came to me. It was extremely therapeutic, as the music seemed to give voice and expression to some submerged burdens that had been unspoken and unseen.

I have found it fascinating to see my creativity soar during this time of immense struggle. I believe that when facing times of difficulty or darkness, using the gifts within us can be strong medicine.

A few of the songs express the weakness, tension and pain I was feeling at the time. At other times, rather than being an inward-to-outward expression, the music seemed to be a medicine that seeped inward, lifting my spirit and sense of hope.

I was quite surprised at how I may be feeling down or weary, and yet out of me would come this pleasant, uplifting music. Those experiences seemed to really feed me. The listener may notice that several of the songs have tension built into them along with more cheerful or soothing parts. That’s life. Sometimes difficult, sometimes cheerful.

In between composing the songs, there were times I would sit at the piano and compose the basic themes for several new songs, some of which will appear on my next album project. At other times I would go long stretches with no inspiration or new music at all. During these dry weeks, my wife Cathy would pray for me, and it seemed the dam would burst within a day or two, and I would be back at it again.

Songs of Particular Meaning to Me

Down So Long – The dark mood in this solo piano track reflects my low point during the project. It was written following a period of intense struggle with chronic fatigue and depression. One night I sat at the piano playing around with some chords, not intending to write anything. Then the first phrase of the verse came to me. I began to play it and shortly afterward I felt the words, “I’ve been down so long,” like an unspoken lament reverberating through me to the tune of the piece I was playing. (more…)

The One I’m Looking To – I had just come through a bad time physically and mentally and I shared with Cathy that I hadn’t written in a while and was finding no inspiration. She began to pray that God would give me a new song, and within a couple of days, this song was born. (more…)

Thanks so much for reading my story and I sincerely hope you listen to and enjoy the project!

~ Mike

To hear the full hi-res versions and to read the stories behind each song, visit my page on BandCamp…