Enjoy jazz, rock, pop, and country piano music by Mike Knapp.Hi!  I’m Michael Knapp, a professional pianist for hire – playing a range of pop, jazz, blues, classic rock, or easy listening hits around Lake of the Ozarks as well as throughout Missouri and the Midwest.

I am an accomplished and experienced musician who plays a variety of events and venues including fairs, clubs, corporate and private parties, stage shows, holiday parties, restaurants, and more. And I provide my own stage piano and professional PA system if you don’t have a piano at your venue. So if you are looking for classy entertainment presented tastefully and professionally, then please consider hiring me for your venue or event. 

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Silhouette of a Soul is my newly released solo piano arrangement, the first to go on a new solo piano album I’m working on which will release in 2019.

Dusk to Dawn is my most recent fully arranged piece, on which I played all the instruments and engineered the recording. (I love doing this!)

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This is a demo of my own arrangement of one of my favorite classic rock songs, smooth jazz style.

This is a small sample of my own original improv style relaxing dinner or lounge music (for restaurants who don’t purchase BMI, ASCAP and SESAC licensure).

Another sample of an improv performance where I play spontaneously whatever comes to mind. I use a track for this one, which I call, “Still.”