Online Lessons

I have exciting news!  I have completed the outlining of my new video course on learning to play piano in just 5 super-lessons!  And not only will you learn to play the piano, but you will understand how music works.  You will understand the music theory that underlies all music, the Nashville numbering system and playing from chord charts. I even include practical tips to help you become a more professional band member.

I’ve given these super-lessons over the years with great success and have decided to make them more readily available.  I’ll keep you updated on news and progress leading up to the release here and on my social media channels.

In addition to the videos. I’m also considering offering the super-lessons online personally.  That way, you can ask questions and get live interaction as I’m teaching.  I may offer them in groups and individually. I will let you know as I process this!  But if you are interested NOW, use the button to contact me, or connect with me through my Facebook page.

More information will be posted as the course develops!