Website & Social Media Media Management

One of the tasks most musicians and singers find difficult in today’s new music industry is the daily grind of keeping up with being a webmaster and a social media manager and marketer. It takes a great deal of time and work, trial and error, to learn how to actually make money using these tools.  Between learning the technology involved, there is also a giant learning curve to the marketing aspect.

I take the pressure off of artists and music business startups by managing your website and your social media for you.  I’m Mike Knapp, and not only am I a professional musician, I am a small business entrepreneur.  I own Ozark Web Design, where I design, host and manage websites and social media for a wide range of small business around the country.

I will be specializing in music artist web and social media management here.  So until I get all the information posted and fully customized on this new site, you can learn more about this aspect of my services at

Web design and social media strategy for musicians
Get website & social media management for musicians & singers at a discount.

If you’re a musician interested in selling your music online but don’t know where to start, schedule a consultation now.

More info and Special Deals Coming in January 2018!